John Rudolph
John Rudolph

Like Tom Popkewitz, John Rudolph is also a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Education. His main area of research focuses on the history of science education in American high schools, as well as on issues related to “the nature of science in the present-day school curriculum and on how the history, philosophy, and sociology of science have been used in science education research.”  Overlapping with my interest in the history and philosophy of science, I find that Rudolph’s work often helps me think about new ways to approach science teacher education.

The reasons [American] scientists decided to volunteer their services to the cause of educational reform [in the mid-1950s] were fundamentally political and tied directly to the rapid integration of science into the national security structure of the United States.

– JOHN RUDOLPH, Scientists in the Classroom: The Coldwar Reconstruction of American Science Education (2002)

My favorite writing of his includes a journal article, “Reconsidering the ‘Nature of Science’ as a Curriculum Component” (2000), and a book, Scientists in the Classroom: The Cold War Reconstruction of American Science Education (2002).

Place of Work | University of Wisconsin – Madison
Title | Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction
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