Project Goals

– To explicate the subject matter knowledge prospective that teachers must have to teach science effectively.

– To design and implement an induction program in which Michigan State University will work with teacher education graduates in the all-important first years of their teaching careers.

Project Leaders

Joan Ferrini-Mundy & Robert Floden (PIs), Michigan State University


My project responsibilities included (but were not limited to) meeting transcription, clinical interviews of students, data collection, database management, assessment item development and analysis, curriculum design and analysis, classroom instruction, reviews of relevant literatures, presentations at professional meetings and conferences, and manuscript preparation.

Project Funding

Carnegie Corporation, National Science Foundation

Project Link

Years of Involvement


Resulting Presentations

Merritt, B.W. “Exploring Pre-Service Teachers’ Experiences as Students in Large, Undergraduate Science Courses.” Invited presentation at the Teachers for a New Era (TNE) Institute: Sustaining and Disseminating Change, Washington, DC. 24 Apr 2007.