Wolff-Michael Roth

Wolff-Michael Roth may be one of the most prolific scholars I know of in science and mathematics education. His articles have filled the pages of science and math education journals for the better part of the last 20 years or so. More importantly, he was one of the first scholars to draw directly from the work of Bruno Latour and bring it to the attention of science educational researchers and science teacher educators.

…we should come to accept both uncertainty and indeterminacy as part of our ability to know. Recent developments in the theories of dissipative structures, self-organizing systems, and chaos have taught us that such indeterminacy is a necessary prerequisite for progressive, organized adaptation and, thus, for survival and reconstructive change.

– WOLFF-MICHAEL ROTH, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Interpretive Research in Science Education (1993)

His articles, which frequently address foundational issues in science and science teacher education, almost never approach educational issues conventionally or traditionally. Thus, Roth is a something of an intellectual ‘trouble maker,’ but I make this declaration entirely in the positive: Roth’s work is about generating the new–new possibilities, new ways of thinking, and new horizons for practice in education. I owe a great deal to his free spirited approach to tackling foundational issues in contemporary science education.

Place of Work | University of Victoria – Canada
Title | Professor, Applied Cognitive Science
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