[Introductory text]

  • Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio): With the release of his Laudato si’ papal encyclical in June of 2015, Pope Francis endeared himself to me. My enthusiasm is because, among other things, the encyclical successfully challenged our conventional thinking about who has the right (but also the might!) to weigh in on the issue of climate change. Often seen as the exclusive domain of scientists and governments, the Pope’s encyclical proposed that Catholic Church–speaking on behalf of the world’s poor and underserved–can and should be a legitimate voice heard within the climate debates and decisions.
  • THE BREAKTHROUGH INSTITUTE: Sometimes an organization’s mission statement just reaches out and grabs you. That’s what happened when I read the stated mission of the Breakthrough Institute, who describe themselves as a collection of “researchers, analysts, and writers who reject outmoded orthodoxies on the Left and Right, and are dedicated to new ways of thinking about energy and the environment.” Plus, Bruno Latour is one of their Senior Fellows. What’s not to like? Check out their mission statement: it’s downright sexy…

Breakthrough’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a future where all the world’s inhabitants can enjoy secure, free, prosperous, and fulfilling lives on an ecologically vibrant planet. Our core values are integrity, imagination, and audacity.