Brett Merritt

Prototyping alternative futures for (science) (teacher) education in the Anthropocene


Send all mail/post to:

Brett Merritt, Ph.D.
Science Educator & Researcher
Middle School Department Chair
The American School in Switzerland (TASIS)
Via Collina d’Oro
6926 Montagnola

Send email* to:

Professional: brett(dot)merritt(at)tasis(dot)ch

University: merrittb(at)msu(dot)edu

Personal: merritt(dot)brett(at)gmail(dot)com

*Email is almost always the most effective way to reach me.

Use this website

Use the “Leave a Reply” feature found at the bottom of this page (or any of the pages within this website). This built-in site feature will initiate an email notification alerting me of your attempt to contact me. Your typed comment will remain private and unpublished.


Phone: +41 91 960 5151

Fax: +41 91 994 2364 (Please include “ATTN: Dr. Brett Merritt”)

Social Media (Brett Merritt)
Twitter (@brettwmerritt)
Instagram (sciencesediment)
Facebook (Brett Merritt)

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